Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

Founder and Creative Director, Stranger & Stranger

Kevin founded Stranger and Stranger in 1995, creating the world’s leading, multi-award winning drinks packaging company with studios in London, New York and San Francisco. Kevin was formerly Creative Director with D4, managing campaigns for Coca Cola, British Airways, Mobil and Coutts Bank. Before that Kevin spent 2 years with Collett Dickenson Pearce Advertising Agency as Design and Art Director working with, among others, Unilever.

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Kevin will join

Panel: Future packaging – what’s in it?

We look at up-coming innovations in wine packaging and ask which will do most to enhance wine quality, authenticity, drinker experience and retail performance. Which alternative packaging formats will play the biggest part in our wine drinking future? Can tradition be overturned and should it? Cork and bottle have been the norm for a very long time after all. From kegs and cans to whatever comes next – what will we put our wine into tomorrow and will consumer acceptance keep pace?

Four innovators take a look inside the world of packaging and tell us what it can deliver:

  • Can innovation enhance the cork and bottle?
  • How can traditional packaging and mobile technology combine to empower wine brands to connect and engage with consumers in innovative ways?
  • How can you deliver high quality wine in new formats?
  • Does ‘different’ equal ‘good’ – what can new formats and design do to create differentiation and on-shelf stand out?

Then we’ll challenge them to think like consumers – do they really care what their wine comes in? Are they die-hard traditionalists at heart or willing to believe that ‘new’ can be ‘better? How can consumers’ preconceptions (and misconceptions) be overcome? How do their needs differ at the premium end of the market?


Kevin will judge

Wine Vision & Meininger’s Trailblazers competition


Together with Meininger’s Wine Business International we’re asking trailblazing wine entrepreneurs to reveal how they are tackling some of the industry’s greatest challenges. Tell us how your business is meeting the demands of a changing market place and new generation of consumers. We’re inviting the most innovative companies to join the forum, present their solutions, discuss the consumer trends they’re tapping into and shine a spotlight on some of the opportunities (and pitfalls) that are out there.

Wine Vision