Biome Makers

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Understanding the power of your terroir

Biome Makers is applying healthcare-grade, medical-level technology to winegrowing. Leveraging advanced DNA testing methods, we provide the necessary tools that allow winemakers to understand the complete microbial fingerprint of their vineyards, and better equip them to manage risk and improve quality.

Founded in Silicon Valley, Biome Makers has developed an intelligent platform called WineSeq. WineSeq uses genomic based diagnostics to identify, quantify and compare a vineyard’s microbial fingerprint. This technology allows winemakers to identify fungal and bacterial characteristics that could have a positive or negative role in vineyard health and wine quality.

WineSeq is the only platform able to predict potential problems in a vineyard, advise on strategies for making terroir-driven wines and otherwise better control the winegrowing process through information on the microbial fingerprint of the vineyard.

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