Wine Vision – Uniting the global wine industry

Launched in 2013,  Wine Vision is now widely recognised as the premier event in the international wine calendar. In 2015 almost 200 CEOs and senior level decision makers attended from 20 countries. Their feedback was unanimous: Wine Vision extended their knowledge, enriched their networks and inspired action in their business.

Held in London for the first two years Wine Vision has extended its appeal by offering premier wine regions around the world the opportunity to host the event on their own soil. Since 2015 it is taking wine industry leaders to the heart of the world’s most prestigious wine regions, bringing debate about the wine industry’s future to its centres of production and creating a showcase for innovation and ingenuity. Each year Wine Vision will be held in a different world class wine hot spot and in December 2015 the fabulous Basque Country was the first host region.  Watch some of the television news coverage below and here.

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Key Conference Points

It’s Visionary

What will the wine industry look like in five or ten years? WINE VISION answers that very question. By asking visionary figures to share their expectations for the future and involving you.

We’re inviting you to collectively map out a future vision for the wine industry. One with stronger brands, sustained value and better supply-and-demand balance, one that makes more money. Experts from outside the wine industry take you light years ahead into the world of your future consumer. It blows you away, but it definitely gives you the insight you need to get your business ready for that reality.

It’s Business Focused

Where else in the world would you find all of the wine industry’s CEOs in one place discussing business? You wouldn’t. Indeed, there’s no shortage of events, but how many of them push wine’s best brains to solve the industry’s biggest challenges?

This is where WINE VISION differs from the rest, because it’s single-minded in its ambition to improve business. To be a catalyst to a more profitable wine industry. On one level, you’ll find inspiration for how to drive your own business forward. On another, you’ll be part of discussions and plans that may change the whole face of the industry.

It’s About Change

It would be easy to fall into the trap of lamenting the state of the wine industry, but WINE VISION has no intention of doing that. Instead, the focus is on change, breaking the mould; doing things differently.

WINE VISION inspires a fresh approach to perennial industry problems. The agenda is packed with the most creative and innovative minds in the business, as well as speakers from other industries, such as FMCG, fashion and luxury goods, who breathe fresh air into tired discussions.

Wine Vision